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    HG Bishop Suriel with Alan Jones - 25/10/2011

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    Patriarch Kirill sent a message to Patriarch Shenouda III of the Coptic Church

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    Coptic Bishop meets Gillard and Abbott

Fox News: US silent as Christians are persecuted in Egypt? Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood!

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Australian Coptic leader urges tolerance

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The leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Australia, Bishop Suriel, is urging tolerance towards his community amid the storm of worldwide protests over the release of an anti-Islamic video.

The man reportedly responsible for making the video in the United States has been described as a Coptic Christian.

But Bishop Suriel says Copts have joined Muslims in condemning the video - and they should not be blamed for it being made.

Bishop Suriel says it's disturbing that protests in Sydney last Saturday against the video turned violent.

And he's told Zara Zaher that some protesters were carrying posters which were offensive to Copts.

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Orthodox Christmas starts

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The Missing Women of Egypt

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The winds of change that have been sweeping over the Arab world have had dramatic consequences in countries like Tunisia, Syria and Egypt.

Concerns that previously lay dormant have suddenly come to the foreground. One of those issues in Egypt is the relationship between the Coptic Christians and the country’s Muslim majority. After the fall of Mubarak, many Coptic Christians are no longer afraid to speak out about one of the most controversial topics that is affecting the Coptic Church in Egypt today -- the disappearance or kidnapping of Coptic women. When they reappear they have converted to Islam and, for most of them, there is no way back.



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