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Copts Massacred On New Years Day 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Another barbaric attack on Coptic Christians of Egypt has taken place at 12:20 am on New Year's day, 2011. The attack took place in front of the Al-Kedeseen Church in Sidi Beshr, Alexandria EGYPT.

A Skoda car was suddenly parked in front of the church. The car was full of explosives and a sign in the back window stating, "There is more to come." The bomb was triggered as Coptic faithful were leaving the church after New Year's celebrations.

Tens of Copts have been martyred and many more injured. It is a sad day for the Coptic Church around the world and it is a sad day for Egypt.

We call upon the Egyptian authorities to protect its Christian citizens from such atrocious attacks. May the Lord repose the souls of the departed and strengthen their families in these very difficult times.

We pray for His Holiness Pope Shenouda III and the whole church on this sad day of our history.

God bless you.

Bishop Anba Suriel
Bishop of Melbourne