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    HG Bishop Suriel with Alan Jones - 25/10/2011

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    Patriarch Kirill sent a message to Patriarch Shenouda III of the Coptic Church

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    Coptic Bishop meets Gillard and Abbott

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Joint Coptic and Islamic Leaders Press Conference PDF Print E-mail

Australian Coptic leader urges tolerance

The leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Australia, Bishop Suriel, is urging tolerance towards his community amid the storm of worldwide protests over the release of an anti-Islamic video.

The man reportedly responsible for making the video in the United States has been described as a Coptic Christian.

But Bishop Suriel says Copts have joined Muslims in condemning the video - and they should not be blamed for it being made.

Bishop Suriel says it's disturbing that protests in Sydney last Saturday against the video turned violent.

And he's told Zara Zaher that some protesters were carrying posters which were offensive to Copts.

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Islamic and Coptic religious leaders meet in Melbourne

Islamic and Coptic religious leaders met in Melbourne on September 18, 2012, to discuss a violent protest in Sydney on the weekend in which six officers were injured. Sheik Mohamadu Saleem from the Australian National Imam's Council (right of frame, white shirt, glasses, white hat) said he was concerned about anonymous text messages calling for a protest at the State Library.

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The religious leaders of the Islamic and Coptic communities in Australia have called for calm in the wake of Saturday's violent protests, sparked by an offensive anti-Islamic film, reportedly made by an American Coptic Christian.

It comes amid fears the angry protests in Sydney last weekend could spread to Melbourne this coming weekend.

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Islamic and Coptic leaders join forces calling for peaceful protests

Islamic and Coptic leaders in Melbourne have held a joint press conference condemning violent demonstrations sparked by an anti-Islamic film.

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Coptic pacific solution a guide to others

THE head of the Coptic Church in Australia, Bishop Anba Suriel, has lost count of the number of times he has protested in his adopted home of Melbourne over the killing, rape and persecution of Egyptian Christians by hardline Muslims. Yet each time he has done so peacefully, in prayer and without violence.

"There is a huge difference here," he said of the way his community has responded to repeated atrocities in Egypt at the hands of Muslim extremists and the reaction of young, angry Muslims to an insulting video.

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